This Year’s Pushcart Prize Nominees Are . . .

pushcart_cyclopsWere It So Easy” by Zachary J. Donnenberg

Midnight Plus Thirty” by R.W.W. Greene

Snowball Wants to Go to Outer Space” by Line Henriksen

Moonpickers” by Mariah Montoya

The House by the Banyan Tree” by Ahimaz Rajessh

FTONA” by Paul Van Dyke

A laurel and hearty handshake to each of our outstanding nominees, and glittering heaps of gratitude at the feet of all our perspicacious readers and brilliant contributors–we would literally be nothing without you.

Feeling inspired? Regular submissions are always open, so send us a little something. We’re still reading for our Happy Endings Special Issue as well (deadline March 1, 2018).

Be kind and stay weird!

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