Issue Twenty-One, June 2011

A Chimaera Story With Four Morals, J. David Bell
“Kevin’s Chimaera was a gentle beast, prone to pawing for shanks of horseflesh, pleased to let its owner, clad in his flame-retardant jumpsuit and balanced atop a stepladder, scratch behind its mane and fondle its horns.”

Literary Ops, K. Marvin Bruce
“‘They’re erecting a siege engine,’ Cat casually observes.”

The Swell Foop, Mindela Ruby
“Beneath the purple sky outdoors, alley cats screech a fucky-fighty duet as I kneel in the plant bed near the lobby door. Waterlogged and missing a leg, the insect waits on a square of toilet paper on the sidewalk. I dig a grave with a teaspoon I’ve brought out.”

The Six, Ainslie Hogarth
“Who left this shit?”

The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard, Kimberly Steele
“‘Did you or did you not just reveal the depth of your nerditude by telling me, on our first date, mind you, that you believe people will someday travel in time?'”

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