Issue Forty-four, July 2013

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The Hunter in the Darkness, Paul “Deadeye” Dick
“This bat-winged squid beast blanketed the night sky above us and followed our car, hankering to suck our souls through our assholes with its crazy, drinking straw tentacles the size of tree trunks.”

Interior Design, Rob Ern
“An old rocking horse never bodes well.”

The Madness of Fluffytown, Laura Garrison
“It seems as if the world in my dreams is beginning to peck and claw its way into my waking world, like an unborn bird eager to break through its thin shell. So before I completely lose my grasp of what is real and what is imaginary, I am going to write down everything I can remember about June 21, 1889, and the events leading up to that day.”

Whispers to the Moon Are Always Heard by Cats, Jason Andrew
“The cat stood proudly on his hind legs, brought his paws just under his white beard, and then made a sweeping bow. ‘Allow me to introduce myself. I am Grimalkin Fortunato at your service, Master Renault.'”

The Watchers in the Dark, Christopher Keelty
“Paul first saw the dark thing one night when he let Duke outside. It was there in the light that spilled from the kitchen, staring at him. Paul went stiff, every instinct telling him to turn and run, but the thing was gone.”

Cover art: Tentacle, Justin McElroy