Issue Fifty-six, July 2014

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One Percent Rumsfoord, C.R. Dobson
“We’ll watch them do it. The iodine. The scalpel. The cuts. We are in favor of it. Before, we would’ve watched YouTube. Before even that, Bob Ross. Happylittletrees. What was before that? God sets down his fork and returns to the closet.”

The King of Green Street, Sean Ealy
“Somewhere he heard a grown man crying, and then he realized it was him. Desperation rose from his chest like fire. He wiped his eyes and focused on the knife, then lunged for it. His fingers wrapped around it and all he wanted to do was slice the world open, watch it bleed.”

Anton Toller, The Man with an Upside-Down House, J-P Humann
“When he turned the corner to his street, he noticed that his house was upside-down. It was not that way when he left it twenty minutes earlier. He took solace that his house had a flat roof and not a peaked one; if it was peaked, it surely would have toppled over in this situation.”

Pest Arrest, Bruce J. Berger
“Rusty stared at the space where, just a second before, Andrew had stood waving his cigar. A tiny buzzing sound grew in his ears, close to his head. He couldn’t see what it was, but opened his mouth, and a small gnat flew in. Rusty swallowed, smiling.”

Moth Man, Gary Moshimer
“My mother called to say my father had come back as a tiny flying man and was sexually harassing her. ‘He’s like Tinkerbell. His wings are pretty, purple with white spots, but he has that dumb head he had when he was forty. That alcoholic’s nose.'”

Cover art: Serling, Buzz Siler

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