Einstein Owl

Erin Wetzel


"Einstein Owl," by Erin Wetzel

“Einstein Owl,” by Erin Wetzel



ERIN WETZEL is a single mom to two little girls who are the inspiration for her work. They are also interwoven into Wetzel’s process of creating art while she carries them with her through each day as a homemaker and homeschooler. It’s a messy, beautiful, disarming experience that is constantly challenging and changing Wetzel. There is extraordinary beauty in ordinary moments, we just need the opportunity to stop and see it. Wetzel is always looking for ways to open hearts with her work, to take the pain that life presents us with and paint it into something meaningful. When we capture a moment and create art out of it, that act of creation is a statement: There Is Something Important Here. Life is full of connection; art just reminds us how to look for it.

You can look for Wetzel’s art at ekwetzel.com. as well as at @ekwetzel on Instagram, Facebook , Twitter, and tumblr.