Issue Five, February 2010

The Golden Streams of Babylon, Andrew Frankel
“‘There’s a unicorn out back, in the alley, who’s just begging to be pissed on.
You should go piss on him.'”

52 Pickup, Brandon Blackburn
“I mean, Heather was fucking gorgeous, man,
and these kinds of windows tend to close pretty fast.”

My Walk to Gamal Abd el Nasser, Dawn-Michelle Baude
“The soldiers want to hear you speak poor Arabic while they pose questions in poor English.
Some days you are in the mood for halting conversation; some days not.”

Kali’s Dance, Marc-Anthony Taylor
“They danced as the world fell around them.”

Run for the Border, Louis Wittig
“Jim believed in Taco Bell. Always had. And in McDonald’s and Burger King and Wendy’s and Pizza Hut and KFC and all their competitors, always and everywhere.”

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