Issue Seventy-nine, June 2016

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Dry Bucket, Kristina Mottla
“As an elderly woman in the supermarket line once said in my youth, tears are for people without strong bones.”

The Binge Watcher, Jonathan Howell
“The world was filled with amazing shows of such high quality, and he was lucky enough to experience it in the way it was intended: an unbroken stream of story.”

Jezebel Behind the Cosmetics Counter at Macys, Allison Thorpe
“I know something about adornments, / what a strong-willed ambitious woman / needs to survive in the arena of men.”

Dr. Bruce, Z.Z. Boone
“I am not comfortable with dentists. Not even my own, Bruce Costello, whom I’ve been seeing since I was a kid. He’s a storyteller, this guy, and some of his tales have proven to be less than factual.”

Cover art: Stitch, Gerardo Cazares