Issue Twenty-Eight, March 2012


Inside the Ellipse, Robert P. Kaye
“Ethan stepped outside on the morning of the third day of the Incident, circumnavigating a wad of damp blankets and cardboard, the shucked cocoon of a denizen of the street and a reminder that a mere shrug of the earth could reduce an entire population to similar wreckage.”

Body, Aimee DeLong
“Andre’s question smacks of shocking reasonableness. Why do I come here? As I stare down at his feet I feel like a fool. Andre’s feet make me feel foolish.”

No Suits Allowed, Lauren Gorski
“There is a hole in my brain that is very small and you could barely see it unless you had a very special magnifying glass with x-ray vision, which Ronald has and I find to be very lucky as he is the only nine-year-old doctor I trust.”

What’s Yours Is Yours, Gregory J. Wolos
“‘Once a thing is found, and you come to love it, it can’t be lost again, right?’ It sounded like a Disney cartoon moral, but I agreed.”

Awful Gods, Eric Magnuson
“Until eleven months ago, I’d seen what I’ll hesitantly call ghosts on seven occasions, beginning at age four and returning sporadically through sophomore year at the university, nearly two decades ago. Eleven months ago, however, I met a bearded, copper-haired man named Alexander Pennings.”

Cover art: Devil Smile, Crystal Elerson

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