Issue Seven, April 2010

The Newcomers, Mike Sweeney
“The world ended on a Monday, but we didn’t see them till Tuesday.”

Nothing Up His Sleeve, Josh Goller
“I was the first to see the dead rabbit.”

Sigourney Weaver Stole My Shadow, Craig Wallwork
“I watched people walk by, the joggers, the young professionals and teenagers talking into tiny plastic phones. Not one of them cast a shadow.”

Two Stories, Joseph A. W. Quintela
“A wayward military computer? Sure. But a Ford? No one saw that coming.”

Enclosure, Carly Anne West
“Muriel entrenched herself in the bathroom one Wednesday afternoon. Her foot was undeniably and firmly lodged in the toilet’s drain.”

Snowpocalypse, Danger_Slater
“Mott’s applesauce. Mott’s applesauce! Goddamnit, which aisle is the Mott’s applesauce in?!? MOTHERFUCKER, I NEED MY MOTHERFUCKING MOTT’S APPLESAUCE!!!”

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