Issue Ninety-two, August 2017: The Victorian Mash-Up Issue

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In Which Liz Frankenstein Lives, Makes New Friends, Saves Nikola Tesla, and Fixes What She Can, Julia K. Patt
“Liz Frankenstein doesn’t die, because it’s bullshit that she dies in the first place, and no one’s death should be a plot point, let alone for someone as obviously problematic as Victor Frankenstein. But mostly Liz Frankenstein doesn’t die because of the time traveler.”

Call Me Little Woman, Dan Morey
“Laurie went in to have a look at Jo’s harpoon. It had a wooden base and a long iron neck with a frightful barb at the end. ‘Whatever will you do with it?’ said Laurie, as Jo worked the blade with a whetstone. ‘I shall kill whales,’ she said. ‘What else?'”

Dynamics, Jen Fawkes
“My Dynamics of an Asteroid was less a text of pure mathematical theory than an arithmetical story of love. Professor Moriarty’s and my love. It cast us in the roles of celestial bodies, and it explicated, in an algorithmic, measurable fashion, the details of our attraction, of the galactic motions that had drawn us together.”

Cover art: The Satanic. Satan Sowing Tares, Felicien Rops