The One That Got Away

Coyle Parker


"The One That Got Away," by Coyle Parker

“The One That Got Away,” by Coyle Parker



Driving past a brown house that sat in the middle ground of the main strip in Redmond, OR COYLE PARKER (in child form) fantasized about his career as an inventor. He grew up making plans to build wooden robots and attempted a WWII replica out of Popsicle sticks. He later won best-looking car in the pine wood derby (with a little help from his brother), and won a blue ribbon for best original artwork at the Oregon State fair in High school. His desire to create something from nothing never died and his vision to have a career as an inventor came to life but in the form as a visual artist. The now all grown up, Coyle Parker resides in New Orleans, LA. Here he has developed greatly as an artist and has moved from the kitchen slanging food to the streets slanging art. There is no other place that Coyle would rather be than engulfed in the richness of culture, diversity, and overflow of spirit that New Orleans offers. His work is at