Asbury Park in the Off-Season

Kailey Tedesco

The cheshire-tooth simpers
away and the ferris wheel, empty,
persists against grey winds.

Broken glass skitters across
linoleum like dice on a table:
it peoples the abandoned casino.

The shore in its pure being:
square-scene polaroid
left to develop in the
November morning.

Huddled on a bench: we
exist with the warmth of
cheeseburgers, dazzled

by the bare horizon
bathing in the sun.

KAILEY TEDESCO‘s poetry aims to channel the viscerally piercing voices of Plath and Dickinson, while conveying the modern world in a disfiguring and bewildering lens. She is currently enrolled in Arcadia University’s creating writing-poetry MFA program. Her work has been featured in Lehigh Valley Vanguard and she is a poetry editor for Marathon Literary Review.

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