Issue Twenty-Nine, April 2012


Epics Reduced to Sentences, Cloud Spurlock
“After the initial shock and a universal feeling of inexplicable loss, the academic world met Hamlet’s disappearance with an awkward confusion.”

Winning for Losing, Troy Manning
“‘Don’t pick your nose or you’ll go blind,’ my mother used to tell me. Sure enough, by the age of eight, we were at Thrifty choosing frames for my new prescription lenses.”

James Joyce, Herman Melville, and God Get Rejected!, Douglas Hackle
“‘But Finnegans Wake is a tour de force of linguistic experimentation, intertextuality, and recondite comedy,’ protested the vapory-azure, bespectacled, mustached form of James Joyce’s ghost from its containment in the transparent bubble chamber at the center of the room.”

Sylvia’s Kitchen, Robert Buswell
“Sylvia has her head stuck in the oven again. ‘Don’t try to stop me,’ she says.  ‘Don’t worry, we won’t,’ says Emily.”

Bubbling Over, Chun Lee
“It’s not like I knew this was going to happen. I can’t answer very many of your questions.  _  No, you won’t be able to talk to my mom. She’s trying to find an answer to this mess.”

A Brief Survey of 19th Century North European Art, Steven Levery
“In his mind’s eye, he saw the two of them together in his rooms around midnight, going at it like a pair of thoroughbred locomotives working up a full head of steam. Her thinking tended more along the lines of mongoose and cobra.”

War Zone, Alex Aro
“Her mouth was a war zone, with pistols for teeth and a knife for a tongue.”

Cover art: Mademoiselle Ponceau, Arbeiter11811

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