Issue Twenty, May 2011

Socko and Roy, Gavin Broom
“In an unfamiliar voice, he delivered a brand new routine and this time the sock told the jokes and the sock took more risks, the sock was edgier, the sock got more laughs.”

A Discourse on the Impending Apocalypse, Aidan Ryan
““I AM THE UNIVERSE!” shouted the elephant, now changing so quickly from form to form that he became a blur of flying limbs and random utensils.”

Detachment, Rachel Cordasco
“It’s a form of absent-mindedness, I tell myself, but that doesn’t help when you get into the car, start the engine, and then realize that you can’t buckle your belt because you’re missing a hand.”

Eli and the Empty Lot, Alex Koplow
“The rocks were little nothings, Eli told himself, pirate restaurant popcorn shrimp.”

Julia and Raul, Ben Nardolilli
“She had never seen a lovelier pencil. He was thin, tall, and his sharp graphite coif was the cleanest and shiniest she had ever seen.”

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