Issue Eighty-two, September 2016

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Itch Meat, GJ Hart
“As soon as he opened the door to his rambling, three-story town house, he heard the brisk paradiddle of tiny feet and knew it was ravenous. Fortunately, cold skin combined with the warmth radiating from heating vents guaranteed it plenty to eat. He dragged off his shirt and in one jump it was on him.”

Heads, Hamdy Elgammal
“The surgery was supposed to take a few hours. My ten-year-old had a small brain and they needed to put most of it back inside.”

City, this Baltimore, Zackary Sholem Berger
“City is shuddering / Blood on its buses, / its work and play shirts. / Crying in sleep.”

The Edge of the Universe, Timothy Day
“Upon receiving the letter from Elise, Olivia was surprised to learn that her sister was living at the edge of the universe. Olivia hadn’t seen her for three years, at the last holiday party their parents were alive for.”

Cover art: Lunar Condor, Fiona McCallum