Issue Sixty-five, April 2015

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The People of the Pit, Joe Scott
“Nobody could see anybody, but everybody had heard the news loud and clear. It came from above, from crackling old speakers, an old man’s voice. It said that death was upon the people of the pit and the lives they knew didn’t matter, but the lives that they thought they were going to know, no death could take that away.”

Mandelbrot Chaos, Sheri Vandermolen
“Pollock’s geometry / splashes off its canvases”

Self-Condemned in the Tunnelbana, Rowdy Geirsson
“The phenomenon had started when a group of Norwegian whalers-turned-Vikings had sacked the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the coast of Northumbria, looting the local castle’s gift shop before razing it to the ground and returning to their ships.”

Conversational Distance, Gloria Heffernan
“I concentrate on the cigarettes you flicked / out the window / when you refused the dish I handed you”

My Friends Live on My Bed, Ashley Hutson
“The oldest is Toby Benson, a sleazy German shepherd whose police dog experience turned into a real cocaine problem. He teaches Krav Maga classes. He is able to do this, he tells me, because he has lethal beanbag paws.”

Cover art: Sacrificial Lamb, Aimee Flom

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