Issue Twenty-Four, September 2011

Where Did My Balls Go? or, The Story of Oliver: A Canine Memoir, Shannon Derby
“My name, back then, was Mr. Peabody – a moniker than never quite fit my persona.
But I will get to that in due time.”

Colony, Samuel Snoek-Brown
“The first one who turned up was some thick-chested guy in an open-collared shirt and khakis.”

Projekt Gesichtskreis, Christian A. Larsen
Altair IV was the first mission ever to make a ground exploration of that hemisphere.
At least, that’s what everyone believed until now.”

Fear and Loathing in Western Sweden, Rowdy Geirsson
“This development presented me with an awkward dilemma: attempt to awaken a drunken and potentially ill-tempered Viking, or simply leave matters to fate and just walk away?”

We Love Lucy, Vincent Purita
“I don’t know if I can pretend to be hipster for the night.
I’m tired as fuck and emotionally drained, man. I can barely care about anything tonight.”

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