Issue Twenty-Three, August 2011

Exposure, Claire Joanne Huxham
“‘I think they’re kinda creepy,’ she said. But that’s how it all started.”

The Toad and the Butterfly, RCJ Graves
“I eat the ugly little things, the gnats and flies and mosquitoes, you know.
You’re way too pretty and too big too.”

Pentecostal, Lauren J. Barnhart
“A long row of over-weight women in potato sack dresses just lying there,
some of them passed out, others speaking in tongues.”

CPA of the Sith, Mike Sweeney
“Mora looks out her window at the clear night sky, at the full moon, and at the water tower looming over the neighbor’s house. She hopes this will be one of those nights when it miraculously transforms into an All Terrain Attack Transport.”