Issue Eleven, August 2010

Crawfish Noon, Micah Dean Hicks
“Some of those crawlers would go on to become legends of their own,
and some would go back to the mud.”

The Tools of Amputation, Shea Newton
“We’ve been given a weapon. They are by prescription only.”

Too Much Blood, Isaac James Baker
“The air was warm and thick the night we became teenage killers…”

Theo, Leah Petersen
“It really does look like a penis.”

The World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle is a Bitch to Solve, Brian Long
“This was the headline smeared across the front page of Nebraska’s largest newspaper,
like a bold font slap in the mouth.”

Thinking of Ewe, Tarl Roger Kudrick
“Somehow or another,
Gary had reached adulthood without achieving his childhood goal of becoming Batman.”

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