Issue Eighty-six, February 2017

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The Scandalous Banality of Edward the Normal Boy, Becca Borawski Jenkins
“Though the child of a four-legged woman and a lion-faced man, Edward turned out to be woefully normal.”

All Praise the Night, Daniele De Serto (English translation by Wendell Ricketts)
“At one point, the entire Bulls starting lineup turned into my Pakistani neighbors. Light-footed and acrobatic, they ran circles around me in complicated offensive maneuvers, all the while rudely reminding me of the fact that I’d left drips all over their front porch while I was repainting the outside of my unit.”

The Goon Who Won, Isaac Teile
“The hero never lets his mask come off. Once, in Rome, Blind Sniper shot Red Ray in the face with a corrosive substance to dissolve the mask. Within two minutes, Red Ray was punching people wearing a plastic bag over his head.”

The Postman’s Wedding, Hamdy Elgammal
“I married my wife last Thursday. I’m a postman; she’s a six-foot fly. Diane and I had lived together before the wedding, but we had never discussed marriage. We don’t talk much.”

Cover art: This is Our Constellation, Borda D. Adrian