Issue Sixty-six, May 2015

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Obelisk, Kyle Amato
“The obelisk stood at least twenty feet tall and seemed darker than midnight. Its pyramidal top disappeared into the highest branches of their neighbor’s oak tree. The rising sun revealed words etched in the stone, but George could not tell if they made sense, or if they were even English.”

Two Prose Poems, Shinjini Bhattacharjee
“Through it, I see the wind peeling inside itself, pulling graveyards of blur out of every invisible branch. They taste of trembling skin, and of questions slipped in without the marks.”

The Last Breakfast of Corporal Ashton the Blessed, Filip Wiltgren
“The commander of the 382nd penal battalion had a firm but genital hold on his men: he had them by the balls and didn’t need to squeeze very hard for everyone to jump, and Corporal Ashton was his favorite way to squeeze.”

A Woman in Tech, Kate Imbach
“I’m the only female swan in the office of a very successful start-up. Vanity Fair and Fortune have profiled our CEO, a handsome teenage grizzly bear. He has no idea what he’s doing. He lumbers around, throwing fish from the $100,000 custom aquarium (we still aren’t even profitable!) into his mouth, talking about how great salmon is for his fur while the rest of us fill out spreadsheets and make him rich.”

Jasper’s Gone Fishing, Annamarie Davidson
“Birds weren’t even chirping. Where were the birds? There’s nothing scary about being alone, he thought, unless you’re boring. Then it’s fucking terrifying. Jasper always had the sneaking suspicion that everyone else found him boring. I guess I’ll never know if I was right, he thought.”

Cover art: New York Noir #9, ink and wash, 2013, Allen Forrest