Issue Eighty, July 2016

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So, Below, Jeremy Packert Burke
“After decades spent mapping every point of the Earth, mapping again, pulping biomes to make the paper, etc., the mapmaker hit ‘Print’ and the map spooled out of his celestial printer, mummifying the Earth in its colorful scroll. From space, Earth looked almost the same, if a little creamier, a little more crumpled.”

Mr. Senthil Chooses Love, Renuka Raghavan
“That night Mrs. Senthil packed a small suitcase and left the village. In the morning, Mr. Senthil found a note in his shed, which read in a neat scrawl, ‘I will not return. Go and choose love.'”

Lenny, Sarah Cimarusti
“Lenny has a zipper and a pouch that drops deep into his cushioned shell. But it’s important to remember he’s so much more than storage for my makeup, cigarettes, and house keys. He’s also a secret keeper.”

Provision, David S. Golding
“I’m driving on a highway with no cars, the stereo playing every song that ever gave me chills. There is a thread that weaves together everything I will do in my life, the horizon tells me. I barely notice that the car pulls me onward, careening towards the coast, even though my feet do not touch the pedals. When I crash, my seatbelt grips me back, but my mom’s body continues through the windshield and soars out over the evergreen trees, a falcon before the sun.”

Cover art: The Pieced Together Pet, Chris Bonney