Roselyn Perez

You have turned me to stone.
Mistaken me for an enemy
My throat is full
lips weighed down with the things I need to say
I stand in your garden and watch

A hero,
a coward, come on flying feet
cloaked in Death’s shadow.
He cannot see you,
only your reflection
I watch, wishing my voice could wake you,
my scream slams uselessly against my stone skull,
and, so he takes your head,

But your blood creates the red sea
You birth a slithering multitude
that spans across continents
Death has not rendered you powerless,
But a weapon of the gods.
I watch, remember, and stand as a monument to you.

ROSELYN PEREZ is the fifth of six children, all girls. She is 26 years old, resides in Southern California, and is studying creative writing and psychology at California State University Northridge. Her poems and short stories have been featured in Eclipse Literary Journal, Think Journal, writer’s type.com, and Magnets and ladders.

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