Issue Sixty-four, March 2015

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The Little Duck, Sam Bradford
“You have to dismantle Brad Pitt’s butt cheeks before replacing them. Donald knows that too well.”

Hunger, Sara Krueger
“Every few miles I shore up and scan the trees, / fingering the blade I rescued / from Gummy’s hog farm.”

We Break Up in Multiple Universes, Brooke Glass-O’Shea
“We are stoned and trying to order pizza from another universe, but the transmitter isn’t working properly. I wrap my tentacles around your eyestalk because I can’t resist you and I don’t want you to feel sad.”

In the Stairwell, Sean Denmark
“Wolves in the stairwell, they clamber, they clamber. We live on the fifth floor; hear them scratch at the door. Up and down they pass along — don’t their knees tire, as once did ours? — as though five flights is nothing.”

Divine Message, Amy Foster Myer
“And years passed in which Adam and Eve enjoyed the fruits of their labors and the company of their friends and held lovely soirees with Chinese paper lanterns strung between the palms and fancy cocktails with maraschino cherries frozen in ice cubes clinking about in their IKEA martini glasses. But Serpent looked upon Adam and Eve with contempt and dreamt how he might pull them from their pedestal.”

The People Outside Your House are NOT Monsters, Jeffery Suwak
“So, listen, you’ve got everything all wrong. I bet you heard that crazy story about how a meteor landed outside town and released a bunch of gas, right? I bet you heard that the gas was full of tiny eggs that turned into worms inside people’s lungs, right? And I bet you heard that the worms took control of people’s brains and turned them into monsters that eat people and are really stupid (which is totally ridiculous), right? Well, listen, I’m telling you right now that all of that is WRONG!”

Cover art: Drowning, Grace Zhu

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