Issue Ninety-five, November 2017

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Take Me, Kelsey Englert
“Rex is a digger. He tunnels us fast and hard like he’s desperate for someplace else. This is probably how he ended up at the shelter, and why the woman with the cat sweater offered to waive the adoption fee if I took him, straightaway.”

After Lunch, Daniel Warner
“He didn’t say anything. He hadn’t been speaking for some months now. She doubted he realized where he was, or who he was, for that matter.”

Kafka in Paradise, Tushar Jain
“Ah. Ah. Mr. Prabhakar, again, what we’re having here is simply a conflict of terrrmmms. I don’t think you completely comprehend the complex conundrum of contrary forces involved in market economics. Our present problem though is relatively simple. It is the problem of a man who walks into a ‘bookshop’ and thinks it’s a ‘library.’ As I said, a problem of . . . terrrmmmmms.

Heavenly Creatures, Maureen Daniels
“The birds are stealing my dreams / they whirl above my bed at night / and settle on my headboard / ruffling feathers / twitching wings / cock silent heads”

Cover art: UFO, Jonny Lindner