Issue Fifty-nine, October 2014

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Gräfenberg Fulfillment, Gio Clairval
“When a patient turned up for his first consultation, sweet expectation of what she might find made her tremble. Cavities opened the door to her wildest fantasies.”

Cold Spell, Don Katnik
“In the sudden silence, Aaron heard Ellie screaming. He started back upstairs but paused on the steps again. This side of the door was gouged with deep furrows like claw marks.”

Long Term Unemployment, Mark J. Mitchell
“After her failure as unicorn bait / she folded compass roses for lost maps.”

The Baby, Gary Moshimer
“I didn’t like this baby. There was some cute babyish quality he lacked. He was quiet, I’ll give him that; but his expression was set, never changing, as though he were analyzing and not approving of this life. And his eyes were creepy, blue and white like the sky and clouds, but with hardly any pupil. I waited for something to cross, like a bird.”

The First Last Mermaid Porn Queen, Yvonne Yu
“The mermaid porn queen is a good businesswoman, so good that sometimes the set crew forget she is a porn star and fall in love with her slick straight back. They vie to be the ones to rearrange her tail in between takes, or to spritz her down with a light oil-water mixture (for rehydrating, and to add a sexual glisten to the skin).”

Karaoke for the Deaf, Gregory J. Wolos
“Gil, my neighbors’ German Shepherd, is a retired cadaver dog. [. . .] When Gil frolics with the Nelson children on their front lawn, his jaws gape with barking I don’t hear.”

Cover art: Horror House, Yuri Shwedoff

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