The Last Goodbye

by Chantelle Aimée Osman

They said she was able to utter a few words before she died.

Of course that was just hypothetical, because, bored from our never-ending death vigil, we decided to blow the hospital and head for the nearest Starbucks. That white chocolate frappucino tasted like heaven. Sweet blended heaven. I still regret that I dropped it when the nurse rushed by with the paddles… And that the doctor slipped in it, and slid into the EKG machine.

At least it saved us from making the decision to pull the plug.

CHANTELLE AIMÉE OSMAN is a mystery writer whose short stories and flash fiction have been published in anthologies and online. She is also one of the founding members of The Sirens of Suspense, a blog by a group of award-winning authors on all things writing and publishing ( In her other life, she own a script consultation company (, and speaks to writing conferences nationwide about selling screenplays to Hollywood. Her non-fiction book on screenwriting, Keys to the Kingdom, will be out in October.

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