Issue Seventy-four, January 2016: The Sherlock Holmes Issue

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Sexing the Detective, Catherine Wald
“I like my men tall, angular and on the spectrum. // I want a guy who knows every intimate detail of my / life and nothing about the movements of my heart,”

Bohemian Soul, Abra Deering Norton
“Holmes was at his most distracted. Gone for days at a time, meeting with Mycroft over some super-secret urgent mission, on this case or that. It was as if he hadn’t even acknowledged that I’d moved back in to our lodgings. I told him it was temporary. He said nothing to me but raised one eyebrow.”

Killing Sherlock, Jill Hand
“Watson burst out laughing at that. Sherlock gave a chilly smile as Doyle gasped and turned red. Ladies weren’t supposed to cross their legs, let alone flash bare skin. They certainly weren’t supposed to mention their undergarments (or lack of undergarments) in mixed company.”

A Year in Sherlocku, Robert Perret
“the snow lies heavy / upon but one window sill / cold hearth cries cold blood”

The Adventure of the Etheric Projection, Pat Woods
“Perhaps I merely wished to believe it was truly Holmes, and one last adventure was beginning. “Once more unto the breach,” as brave Harry would have it. But more than anything, it was my friend’s voice that had me throwing on my overcoat, taking my old service revolver from the drawer of my desk, and emerging into the early morning fog of the capital with more animation in my person than I had possessed in two long years.”