Issue Seventy-three, December 2015

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A Limp, Grey Wolfe LaJoie
“In a moment the little boy / will be surprised by the pop / of the big black balloon.”

The Dream Before the Frog, Heikki Huotari
“Science Daily says if I’m an artificial / atom and I hang out near my mirror / then I’ll live ten times as long”

The Dairy Aisle, Chelsea Ruxer
“He was running low on spaghetti. I had just finished my last carton of Stonyfield Farms. This is how we got here.”

Something About Nudity in the Kitchen, William Greenfield
“The marriage of derrière to cherry wood / is an unexpected pleasure, like finding / Ben Franklin in a pair of worn and fading Wranglers.”

The 4 Star Theatre, Janna Layton
“The doorway leads to a shoebox diorama: / battered floorboards, / empty seats,”

Inventory of the World, Corin Reyburn
“Aurora takes inventory of the world, each thing one by one. Everything she catalogs, from silk scarves to rocket launchers, from heat-seeking missiles to wooden porch swings, holds an invisible tag she places there—Aurora’s thumbprint, scannable only by unscanned technology long outdated.”

Cover art: Nun and Whore, by Deanne Richards