Issue Eighteen, March 2011

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Night of the Garter, Lorna D. Keach
“Jerry knew Barbara wanted to kill him,
but he really thought she’d try poison or an ice pick first.”

Bubble Wrap, Hall Jameson
“None of the other passengers seemed to notice, even though it tickled their bare necks and mussed their hair. They probably blamed the wind.”

Chimp, Ann Capozzoli
“If she had a chimp, she would never get hair in the drain.
She’d even eat marmalade sandwiches.”

The Zombie Wish, Brenna Watry
“Blood spatter was hard enough to get out of the wash.
Bile, fecal matter, and decaying skin were even worse.”

Laika Wins the Race, Bryan Hinojosa
“Wow. Look at that. With their trigonometry and soil mechanics and metallurgy and such, these humans can do anything. Imagine the messes they’ll stir up.”

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