Issue Sixty-two, January 2015

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Date, Brent DeLanoy
“of pop-tart lunches / and fogged car windows”

Terrible Scenes of Mutilation, Ally Malinenko
“In his head Joseph heard his own pastor from his youth telling him that God had made all these creatures for Man to have. To command at his will. But Joseph could not help but think that something that close to human was not a gift but in fact a terrible mirror.”

Burp, P.K. Read
“She grew cracks and crevices into which she herself would once have fit. The space between her toes closed, between her fingers, her neck migrated south, her breasts north, until they touched when she spoke or laughed or ate. She could feel the skin touching, it felt like a caress.”

Brontosaurus, J.D. Hager
“Crowded into the rear corner of the yard, atop pine needles and pollen cones, stood three miniature brontosauruses, each about twelve inches tall, dark brown and slightly iridescent, shining like oily little mud puddles. They bleated like lambs in eerie unison.”

Cover art: Stone Umbrella, Katerina Kamprani

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