Issue Ninety-four, October 2017

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Midnight Plus Thirty, R.W.W. Greene
“The air was pink with the end of the morning’s power broadcast. The microwaves burned a layer of cells off Bill’s corneas. He shielded his eyes with his hand and watched the appliances play. They were thoroughly engrossed with each other when the garbagebot ran them both over. The big bot paused to scoop up their carcasses and added them to the trash and dawnkill in its hopper. Freedom seldom came sans cost.”

Free Association, Alex Ledford
“God: Damn dog. Mad god. / Hell: All Montagues. Especially that one. / Vindication: Of the rights of whoever wants ‘em. / Vindictive: Everyone.”

The Man With No Outlines, Tushar Jain
“I like being left alone at times and can empathize when someone desires a bit of solitude too. But the man on the bench didn’t fit the description of someone who wanted to be alone. And because I had heard of people like him, I knew that that was the last thing he could possibly want. And so, it was nothing but sympathy that drove me to upset my routine and approach him instead.”

Heavenly Creatures, Maureen Daniels
“We are back in the lost world / riding our basilisks in the storm, // miniature cockerels clucking / in our shirt pockets.”

Cover art: The Unobserved Cat, Jon Snoek