Mademoiselle Ponceau

by Arbeiter11811

"Mademoiselle Ponceau," by Arbeiter11811

ARBEITER11811, whose name is borrowed from a character of Fritz Lang’s silent classic Metropolis, is a 20-year-old art student from Brunswick in Germany. Born in Moscow but moved as a young child to the homeland of his ancestors, early on he found himself between the fronts of two cultures. In a country in which a random step into that house or street can lead to the remains of the historical past, of battles won and, in the end, lost. From this context, or from just the day-to-day events in his life, the never ending fundus of cinema and music and of course the girl he loves, Arbeiter11811 derives his inspirations for a varied field of art forms like Drawing, Painting, Photography, Collage or even Concrete Poetry with no hesitation of being critical in a sometimes very provocative way. Currently he is also open to commissions via his webpage:

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