Issue Fifty-two, March 2014

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Little Monster, Aida Ibisevic
“There was a communal silence. When we talked, we talked quickly, sometimes just to say a word, and watch it freeze. To survive the war was important. But first, we had to survive the winter.”

By Good Angels Tenanted, Vajra Chandrasekera
“I do not know his name or hear his voice. I am not possessed. Whoever he was, the part that was a person has gone wherever dead people go. I do not know if he literally exists only in my genitals.”

Joe’s Theory, Christopher Cassavella
“My favorite of his theories, though, states people actually live forever because the time before your birth and after your death aren’t time at all, time is only a thing when you’re living. It’s the only theory of his that might be true.”

The Memory Thief, Brianna Gielow
“Martha’s first kill was a teenage boy she ran down on Exchange Street. He had a noticeably high forehead and a funny little flip of hair that turned upward above his face, like an advertisement. His friends stood in the doorway of Treehouse Toys, watching and shouting but coming no closer as Martha worked her way through his skull.”

The Scuttlebutt on Pluto, William Blomstedt
“Having a Señor Frogs in the house didn’t turn out to be a great idea. During one of our emergency financial meetings, Whoopdale proposed that this ‘casual’ and ‘laid-back’ chain could open a branch in the closet in his room, claiming it would help pay the bills as well as improve the social life of the house.”

Cover art: Revenge, Betsy Streeter

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