Screw the Universe


“This is the best book I never read!” – Bruce Campbell

Screw the Universe, an ebook of connected short stories by Stephen Schwegler and Nathan W. Taynthoemer is now available as an e-book at Smashwords and on Amazon! For less than a dollar! It’s also available in paperback for more than a dollar!

Space, the hopefully not copyrighted final frontier. Out there is a universe teeming with new and strange life, with science and probably magic and wonderment. And out there, in that inky black void, is a spaceship whose crew honestly could not give a crap.

Welcome to the Zdravo. Home to a crew more concerned with getting ice cream than with saving the galaxy, under the command of a federation that grants promotions based on filthy acts performed behind only occasionally closed doors, and captained by a man whose only goal in life is to bone as many lifeforms as he can, a captain who truly wants to screw the universe.

If you like your science fiction serious and thought-provoking… this is not for you. If, on the other hand, you have a tendency to sit there thinking the sci-fi story you’re reading needs a slowly evolving spaceship, expendable crew members with funny names, and more dick jokes than you could shake a stick at, then buy Screw the Universe right the hell now!

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