About Us

The Jersey Devil is a creature of legend, lurking in the shadows of the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey, revealing itself only to wreak havoc on some small town, snack on some poor, unsuspecting chicken or goat, and, occasionally, if it’s feeling a little randy, to hit on mermaids down the Jersey shore.

Jersey Devil Press, on the other hand, is a small independent publisher, born on the toll roads and raised in the diners of that great Garden State, revealing itself only to release a monthly online magazine of short fiction, publish the occasional novel or story collection, and, sometimes, if it’s feeling a little frisky, to write gratuitous run-on sentences and publicly decry the downfall of humanity that is Jersey Shore.

The Suits:

Laura Garrison, Online Editor

Laura Garrison is creeping slowly southward like an unstoppable fungus that subsists on caffeine and gummy bears. Her hobbies include skulking under bridges, freeing horrors chained in castle dungeons, and burying treasure on desert islands. Find out more at brainsylvania.wordpress.com or catch her stray observations and loose haiku on Twitter @pickleboots.

Samuel Snoek-Brown, Production Editor

Samuel Snoek-Brown is a writer, a teacher of writing, and, occasionally, a writer of teaching. He was born in the middle of nowhere, but he does not live there now. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t live anywhere at all. He would be a nomadic hobo, travelling the backroads and highways, looking both ways before crossing oceans, and using exotic toilets in faraway lands. Keep track of his travels and teachings at snoekbrown.com.

Amanda Chiado, Associate Editor

Amanda Chiado is a poet, writer, and arts advocate. She’s also prone to cape-wearing and whip-cracking, and she can see into the future. Her website is amandachiado.com.

Rebecca Vaccaro, Associate Editor

Rebecca Vaccaro exists in either the American Pacific Northwest or a big ol’ lake in Scotland, or possibly not at all. In any event, she refuses to be clearly photographed.

Swallowed by the Sarlacc:

Mike Sweeney, Online Editor/Jedi Knight
Stephen Schwegler, Associate Editor/Smuggler
Monica Rodriguez, Associate Editor/Ass-Kicking Space Princess
Eirik Gumeny, Founding Editor/Publisher/Bounty Hunter