Issue Sixty-seven, June 2015

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The Woman on the Couch, Timothy Day
“My new apartment came furnished, and, as I realized upon moving in, peopled. More specifically, it included a woman sitting on the couch in a sweater and plaid skirt, reading from a stack of magazines on the coffee table. “I think you’ll find she really spruces up the atmosphere,” my landlord said.”

The Smell of Green Onions, Sej Harman
“Drunk as he was — and pissed — he was alert to where his path would cross Brenda’s in his escape to the living room. His eyes darted toward the kitchen just as Brenda charged him at him, enraged beyond all seeing. She’d grabbed the chef’s knife from the counter, pungent green onion tops clinging to the blade.”

How to Write About Sand, Jessica Wiseman Lawrence
“Sand is speckled in her hair, on her scalp. / Sand is pouring out of her sneakers onto the bathroom floor.”

Baby Calzones, Derek Osedach
“Soon it would be too dark for pizzas.”

The Blue Spruce, Marina Favila
“Then she began to think, and she’s not even sure how the thought came to her, that the tree was moving — that is, moving away from the house.”

Cover art: Hunger, Hermin Abramovitch

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