Issue Sixty-one, December 2014

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Asbury Park in the Off-Season, Kailey Tedesco
“The shore in its pure being: / square-scene polaroid / left to develop in the / November morning.”

The Festival of the Lamb, Geza Fuchs
“People dressed in white jilabas congregated in a semicircle. All in the pure color of white, but their clothes screamed out that something macabre was happening.”

haiku, Abra Deering Norton
“reaching out to touch / not like the cattails back home”

Two Tanka, Al Ortolani
“hikers pass / in deep cloud cover — / no way up or down”

The Lottery Game, Dawn Corrigan
“That night, and for many Saturdays to come, there was caramel cake for dessert. Tommy, who’d weighed 120 at their wedding, gained thirty pounds within six months. But far from tiring of the cake his craving for it only seemed to grow; so now, on their Friday evenings out, though he enjoyed the rest of the meal as much as ever, he was always disappointed during dessert.”

In Memoriam, Andrew Collard
“My hands relearn the softness of cats / and my mouth, the dry // shock of molars on gravel.”

Cover art: Dragasaurus Rex, DeAnne Hodum

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