He sees you when you’re sleeping . . .

Putting the pirat(e) in respiration.

Putting the pirat(e) in respiration.

. . . obviously the “he” in that sentence is Cthulhu. And believe us when we tell you that you don’t want to end up on his naughty list. One way to avoid that fate is to spread good cheer, and JDP founder/writer of the Exponential Apocalypse series/gnome wrangler/recent double-lung-transplant recipient Eirik Gumeny deserves some. Tweet him your warm wishes or make a donation to offset the cost of his new breath-takers. Every time you donate, Cthulhu sprouts a new tentacle.

Speaking of Great Old Ones, the holiday season is the perfect time to re-read our Lovecraft Special Issue. And our 2014 Pushcart Prize nominees and December issue offer delicious selections of additional word cookies. Merry Happy, ya filthy animals! Where’s the Tylenol?

The December Issue

We wish you a merry Life Day.

We wish you a merry Life Day.

Our sixty-first issue is characteristically odd, but in a reflective sort of way. Which feels about right for the month in which we’re forced to think back over our indiscretions in an effort to estimate our probable position on some bewhiskered chubster’s twice-checked list.

Visit Asbury Park with Kailey Tedesco; ponder the Festival of the Lamb with Geza Fuchs; explore the quiet meditations of Japanese short-forms with Abra Deering Norton and Al Ortolani; play the lottery with Dawn Corrigan, and inhabit Andrew Collard’s sci-fi recollections. And you won’t want to miss the cover art, DeAnne Hodum’s Dragasaurus Rex.

Whether you’re praying to Santa, gambling for chocolate, or filling a dishpan with raw caribou meat and wintergreen Tic-Tacs for the Abominable Snowman’s birthday, we hope this season finds you pine-scented and filled with cheer and cocoa.

Chew it online or inhale the PDF.

2014 Pushcart Nominees

pushcart_cyclopsAs the Day of the Turkey approacheth, we figure it’s a good time to baste these glowing pages with thankfulness. We’re grateful for our audience; there’s no point in beaming stories out into space if no one’s receiving the signal, so readers: thank you. We’re also grateful for every story and poem that hits our inbox, whether we publish it or not. Our continued existence depends on submissions, so writers: thank you.

Finally, we want to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to each of this year’s Pushcart Prize Nominees:

Andrew Hemmert, “Dinosaur World” (poem)

Aida Ibisevic, “Little Monster” (fiction)

Anna Lea Jancewicz, “Unexpecting” (fiction)

Ally Malinenko, “Vital: A Love Story” (fiction)

Trevor Tingle, “Xenophobe” (poem)

Yvonne Yu, “The First Last Mermaid Porn Queen” (fiction)

Together, those six pieces sum up everything we love at Jersey Devil Press.

One last thing: if you read something you like—in this magazine or anywhere—leave a comment, if you can. The internet is essentially just one big bathroom wall, so take a moment to let someone know you were there.