November Me, When the West Wind Blows . . .

jdp-nov-2016-coverThe pieces in our eighty-fourth issue are beautiful and brimming with power. Pull up a cushion and prepare to read your future in this misfit tarot deck of wonders: KC Mead-Brewer’s Ravenous Hyena, Caleb Echterling’s Singing Peacock, Lisha Ruan’s Enchanted Meat, Rachael Sterling’s Vial of Forgetfulness, and Jane-Rebecca Cannarella’s Chicken of Mystery. There’s also a wild card in the form of a Mystic Spiral, courtesy of cover artist Coyle Parker.

Shuffle it online or draw the .pdf.

Try Issue 83! Available in Bonfire or Caramel Apple Scent

jdp-cover-oct-2016We are seven today, but we must be precocious, based on the frequency with which people inquire, “What are you, twelve?”

And even though it’s our birthday, we have presents for you: a supernatural fishy tale, an absolutely true Hollywood story, a surreal case of sartorial revenge, and―because we love you―a hilarious attempt at canine exorcism. Plus, this month’s cover art punches tired gender norms in the spleen.

So happy birthday to us. And for the record, while we do not live in a zoo, we welcome comparisons to a monkey on both the visual and olfactory levels.

Scratch it online or sniff the .pdf.

Hey, Mr. Septemberine Man

jpd-sept-2016-coverWelcome to our 82th issue!

That’s right, eighty-tooth, ’cause this one’s got more chompers than a sharknado at a gator farm, so watch your fingies.

GJ Hart handles the horror. Hamdy Elgammal serves up the surreal. Zackary Sholem Berger meditates on the metropolitan. Timothy Day intimates the infinite. And Fiona McCallum artses the avian.

Sink your canines into it online or bite down on the .pdf.