A Champagne Super-November (in the Sky)

JDP cover november 2017Your Halloween candy may be gone, but Issue Ninety-Five is here to keep you entertained through those cold gray weeks between holiday festivities. Dig into Kelsey Englert’s “Take Me” with a furry friend, play checkers “After Lunch” with Daniel Warner, have a delightfully absurd chat about “Kafka in Paradise” courtesy of Tushar Jain, and have the pockets of your subconscious picked by Tara Campbell’s “The birds are stealing my dreams.” Finally, let Jonny Lindner beam you up to the mothership with this month’s cover art, “UFO.”

Unzip it online or button up the .pdf.

Straight Outta October Country

JDP cover october 2017While we’re putting the finishing touches on our waxed leaf collages, fall harvest wreaths, and army of living scarecrows, we proudly present to you this selection of caramel-apple-scented readables. R.W.W. Greene shows what happens when things change in a surprisingly relatable science-fiction tale, while Tushar Jain tells the story of a guy who literally has no boundaries. Poet Alex Ledford plays clever word games, and Maureen Daniels is bringin’ the fantastic imagery in verse. Plus radioactive feline cover art from Jon Snoek.

Carve it online or scoop out the .pdf.


September me, when the west wind blows . . .

JDP cover September 2017Most wonderfully revived from the miracle elixir of our recent temporal holiday to the Victorian era, we now return to our regularly shed-yuled monthly programme with this ripping box of delights.

Happy September, darlings!

(And speaking of happy, we’re currently looking to fill our upcoming Happy Endings special issue. We’re still open for regular submissions as well. Help us stay weird!)

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