2014 Pushcart Nominees

pushcart_cyclopsAs the Day of the Turkey approacheth, we figure it’s a good time to baste these glowing pages with thankfulness. We’re grateful for our audience; there’s no point in beaming stories out into space if no one’s receiving the signal, so readers: thank you. We’re also grateful for every story and poem that hits our inbox, whether we publish it or not. Our continued existence depends on submissions, so writers: thank you.

Finally, we want to extend a laurel and hearty handshake to each of this year’s Pushcart Prize Nominees:

Andrew Hemmert, “Dinosaur World” (poem)

Aida Ibisevic, “Little Monster” (fiction)

Anna Lea Jancewicz, “Unexpecting” (fiction)

Ally Malinenko, “Vital: A Love Story” (fiction)

Trevor Tingle, “Xenophobe” (poem)

Yvonne Yu, “The First Last Mermaid Porn Queen” (fiction)

Together, those six pieces sum up everything we love at Jersey Devil Press.

One last thing: if you read something you like—in this magazine or anywhere—leave a comment, if you can. The internet is essentially just one big bathroom wall, so take a moment to let someone know you were there.

Go Time!

They can rebuild him!

They can rebuild him!

8/31/14 UPDATESurgery was a success and Eirik will update more when he’s feeling up to it. Break out the Ewok victory song!

This is it people. Our friend, founder, and fearless leader Eirik Gumeny is about to head into surgery for his double-lung transplant. Help him across the finish line with whatever you’ve got — good thoughts, prayers, positive energy, the healing power of the Force, whatever! Send it towards Stanford now! You in the back with that Infinity Stone — get on this shit!

(Warm thoughts, well wishes, and inappropriate jokes also welcome on twitter and Facebook.)

Finally, while it’s awesome beyond words that he’s getting lungs, cash still wouldn’t hurt. Sadly, none of this is cheap. Donations always welcome here.

November Issue

Tick-tock, Doc.

Tick-tock, Doc.

Guys. GUYS. Our sixtieth issue. If you were to read one issue per second, starting now, it would be a full minute before you finished reading all of them.

I’ll pause to let that sink in.

Issue 60 has little things: a splinter, subatomic particles, spaces between teeth. It also has biggish things: a fish that’s not a fish, a stuffy guy in fancy dress, the consequences of time-travel, a pachyderm.

All these things, and more. Absorb it online or cop the PDF.