Issue Thirty-Six, November 2012


Men of Blood, Craig Wallwork
“John had known the Minotaur since they were kids, and in that time he’d never seen him scared of everyone or anything. The Minotaur’s family moved to John’s street in the summer of 1977.”

Lorissimo, Charlie Galbraith
“A stark and ominous silence fell over the previously raucous squad. Phil, ashen-faced, looked around the room at the lads: leering, boorish, all of them rapt with anticipation. They had been waiting a long time for this—the subject of extensive locker room discussion. Numerous postulations had been made as to its abnormal size, colour, shape, or even its absence altogether.”

G.V.M., Daniel Davis
“They were in South Essex two days ago. We got the call, and we couldn’t understand. Screaming and crying, and all throughout the silent suction of their hoses—as though sound were slowly drifting away, being repealed one note at a time. Everything is gone, came the faint shouts through the radio speakers. They’ve taken it all, and all is lost.”

Toasty, Thomas Broderick
“All of a sudden the Aurora became especially bright, and in half a heartbeat there was no time, no space, no me. All existence, the universe and the mysteries beyond became the image floating above my head: a pale band of green light dancing endlessly against a star filled sky. Nothing had come before it. Nothing would exist after it.”

Hard Travelin’, Max Vande Vaarst
“The young man told lies. On some days, he was the progeny of circus folk, a bone-spitting geek whose bloodlines were tangled in trapeze wire. On others, he was a pureblood Indian, sprung from the warrior trailers of wild Navajoland. There were days when he claimed that he had no parents at all, and that America itself had birthed him alone beside a back road in some empty western state.”

Cover art: Union Beach, Jon Zois

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