Issue Seventy-six, March 2016

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The Pendulum, Michelle Meyers
“Her heart ricochets back and forth inside of her rib cage, the cat slinking away, a specter into the dark. Maybe she would leave the baby behind. It would be easier that way, to just slip away, disappear.”

Imperfect, Appalachian She in Acrylic, Danielle Nicole Byington
“The hours slowly falling behind the scene / Begin to bear streams of cluttered-sunset hues that / The portrait cradles behind my body.”

Dinah Shore Visits CBGB in Preparation for Her Interview with Iggy Pop, 1977, Daniel M. Shapiro
“Walking through an unhinged doorway, she grabbed a notepad from her sunflower satchel, wrote the words she saw on the wall: gabba gabba hey. She didn’t want to forget to ask about that later.”

Life on Mars?, Dana Mele
“Outside, crowds of birds congregated on the pavement, and cats and raccoons picked their way between them, as if too confused to make trouble. She was glad of that, at least. Cats unnerved her.”

The Prisoner, Matthew Chamberlin
“The prisoner behind the door cries softly: I am free / and undulates upon the sands beside a distant sea.”

8 Ball, Timothy Day
“At work my partner and I were assigned two new cases: a missing teenager and a day-spa with a hot tub full of toxic chemicals.”

Cover art: Want, Don Dougan