Robot 5: Rupert

Kris G. Brownlee

"Robot 5: Rupert," by Kris G. Brownlee

“Robot 5: Rupert,” by Kris G. Brownlee

Canadian painter KRIS G. BROWNLEE populates her paintings with animals, robots and little girls, often evoking a vintage storybook feel. A touch of melancholy is pervasive in all of her characters, which the artist attributes to her childhood shyness. It’s as if the characters she creates now are portraits of her imaginary friends, sprung to life on canvas.

Kris studied painting at Emily Carr University located on Granville Island, a perfect spot for people watching right along the sea wall of Vancouver, BC. You can often find the artist walking her pug and dreaming up new paintings inspired by the natural beauty of the city and the people who call it home. Her work is available at and

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