Issue Ninety, June 2017

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Fifty Burghers, Josh Taylor
“It’s the most depressing garden, sculpture or otherwise, that I’ve ever seen. Then again, forty-nine identical Burghers of Calais will dampen the mood just about anywhere. There are more burghers than people here, each with a bronze noose around its neck, each gloomier than a sculptor working in advertising.”

Two Poems, Veronica McDonald
“There are no such things as oranges / when you are looking for apples. / There are no such things as apples / in a battle between croc and Conan.”

The Next Great Cowboy Poet, Kate Sparks
“Martin hates the Cowboy Poet and hopes Ginger is going to ask him whether they should end the stupid tradition of having him read a poem in which some quirk or talent of each guest is featured. Pinederosa has employed different Cowboy Poets over the years, but for some reason, they all seem to have it in for Martin.”

Prior to a Burning a Dodge Dynasty Falling With Grace, Zack Stein
“Jim shades the edge of the cliff with the front bumper and puts the car in neutral. We watch the fire swathe the metal, spread quickly to the trunk, then trickle to the engine. The airbags deploy and begin to melt into marshmallows; two tires blow, giving the car momentum to slowly dip off the cliff.”

Cover art: ANDROID #3, John Sable (body paint by Dawn Marie Harms-Svanoe)