Issue Fifty-one, February 2014

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Raritan, New Jersey. 2012, Jason Macias
“Finally, off in the distance, I noticed a massive brown horse against the sky that seemed to be shedding some sort of material from its surface. When I moved closer to the gigantic figure I realized that the stuff dropping from it on all sides was manure, and that the entire cantering behemoth was formed from other, smaller, horses, and the unbearable amazement this inspired jolted me awake from the dream.”

Things That Float, Suzanne Samples
“The heads float on the pond like beach balls. They float like balloons. They float like hollow globes.”

My Horns Hurt, Daniel Thompson
“If my horns hurt and they’re less than a fraction of a fraction of something, then I know those bony horns rising out their soft, brown heads has to hurt. And their heads — so small. I know because Mom collects deer skulls.”

A Bad Case, Charlie Brown
“Steven stared at the stirrups in the examination room and knew this doctor usually saw women instead of men, but quo vadis American health care. As the gnome flipped in the gynecological device like an Olympic gymnast on the rings, the doctor, a thin, balding gent with a gurgly Romanian accent, explained his brand new condition. ‘It is sexually transmitted, I’m afraid to say.’ The doctor looked over his glasses as he turned to Steven. So, he thought, Sheila had given him the gnomes.”

Path of Stones, Robert Lowell Russell
“The white stone hung on the tree like an ornament. It swayed on a length of twine as if blown by the wind, though the forest air was still. ‘I’ve been waiting for you,’ I said to the stone.”

Cover art: Carnecupulus; Dismissed Messenger of Cupid, Daniel Langhans

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