Issue Fifty-eight, September 2014

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The Perfect Zen Dance of the Boulder, William Doreski
“and thousands of tons of deadweight / exude a spirit so vital / I can almost believe I see it”

Substitute Angel, Devin Strauch
“She chews on the soft noodle and wonders if her new boyfriend has a magic apartment or if maybe her body is just changing realities, to one where hair is spaghetti and spaghetti is hair.”

Two Haiku, Mansour Chow
“‘Busty young babe plays’ / ‘Rubbing her little wet clit'”

Unexpecting, Anna Lea Jancewicz
“Husband proposes naming the baby David Lee Roth, Jr. You make a counter offer. Only if we can go with Anna Lita Ford, should it be a girl. Stalemate.”

Back garden, 2 AM, Anton Rose
“With sleep, slippery, evading my grasp, / I ease myself out from under the covers, / stumble toiletwards, and piss.”

Even, Fredric Sinclair
“It will be written that there was blood and horrible gashes through the head. They will say that he kicked wildly, like a horse pricked in the side, that he let loose such a scream as to send shivers down the most hardened butcher’s back.”

Question Mark —, Sally Houtman
“Little fish hook / dangling”

Wrong Dream, Annesha Sengupta
“I knew that the alley hadn’t been there yesterday, because yesterday I had specifically remarked to a co-worker that there was absolutely no mystery in this city.”

Two Poems, Amanda Chiado

Circus Flies
“Before the flies welcome / the shatter they gather / where we’ll crash.”

Choosing Thieves
“The dare begins in the dark at the gate of the farm / where the slightest move may jostle the rooster into doodle-dos.”

Cover art: Walvis, Telmo Pieper

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