Issue Twenty-Seven, February 2012


About the Hiding of Buried Treasure, Kimberly Lojewski
“It’s common enough to hear about the finding of buried treasure, but the real trick is in the hiding.”

The Remarkable Case of Lily Temple, George R. Kovalenko
“The exquisite Lily Temple sat, naked, on the edge of a rickety wooden stool and popped her freshly rouged lips at her mirrored reflection.”

Like I Say, NE Skinner
“This is what I say, real low and dignified, to my dolls, right where they are sitting with their little backs up so straight against the wall, and their little feet sticking off the end of the shelf, like it’s so cute, and their eyes just staring like they’ve already noticed everything before.”

SOCKS, Marina Rubin
“i come to work with a duffle bag, sweatpants, running shoes, but the socks are missing.”

Death Car Alley, Jennifer K. Oliver
“The wolves are out in their death car again, a sleek, slow curb crawl, prowling cracked pavements for signs of life, for meaty flesh to make meaty breath, and they’re hungry.”

Red and Blue Makes Purple, Elif Alp
“I’m writing this in my head on the way home from seeing a movie with him, the first time we’ve laughed alone together in a while, since I can remember actually.”

Cover art: Untitled, Dena Rash Guzman

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