Issue Four, January 2010

Dead Sharp Tail, Cate Gardner
“Never believe anything a stranger tells you in a pub, especially if he is wearing an eye patch.”

Why the Walls Haven’t Been Painted Yet, Jason Joyce
“I settled quickly, the piercing, comfortable sting of the nine to five,
the apathetic, faked weeknights with my father…”

The Hair, P. Matthew Kimmel
“At first Tim thought it was odd that a pile of leaves would look so stringy,
but he soon realized it was hair.”

Three Dates in Orlando, Daniel McDermott
“It was the vomit that ended things. I’m pretty sure.”

Navels, Ansley Moon
“Maureen was in the business of navels.”

Tête-à-Tête, Christina Murphy
“Harry was very happy with his warts.
They were wonderful company and took a lot less time than a garden.”

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