Issue Twenty-Two, July 2011

Golden Hours, Colleen Chen
“‘I am not your conscience. I’m a fairy. And if you withhold your urine from my home in these gardens, I’ll give you a marvelous magic boon.'”

Red, Christopher Owen
“‘I’m terribly sorry. But you were planning on eating me.'”

Jesus’ Nephew, Joe Thompson
“I swear silently to myself and my brother that if I get out of this predicament in one piece, I will never enter an Arby’s again for the rest of my life.”

Mammy’d Give Me Minds To Eat, Graham Tugwell
“Round and round and round and round the train would go, and there would be no stops and no passengers because there would be no people.”

Jolly Roger, Michael Sions
“I tell him that I wish I had a cat to play Scrabble with, because all I have is a dead body in my basement, and I don’t think it knows the rules to Scrabble.”

2 thoughts on “Issue Twenty-Two, July 2011

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  2. Issue Twenty-Two is fab. Loved the edge.
    Golden Hours was comical, if not ironic, Red oozed the attitude of a modern-day teen, Jesus’ Nephew was honest in SO many ways, and Jolly Rancher had just enough neighbourly charm to make my skin crawl. Just a bit.
    Job well done by all.
    Denise Willson

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