Issue Nineteen, April 2011

Trapped in the Bathroom at the End of the World, Henry Sane
“The world ended one night as I was sitting on the toilet.”

Third Guard, Autumn Hayes
“The rules state clear and firm: carry the box over your head,
or at least five feet off the ground, at all times. No setting it down. Ever, or else.”

Dry Heat, Steven Gumeny
“It wasn’t like he had anything else to do. The ozone holes made sunbathing unpleasant,
unless you missed the smell of fried chicken enough to take the pain.”

The Badlands, Matt Rowan
“I asked Indian Fred to inquire about better jerky at minimum and, if possible,
find out if they had any cheese (preferably French) lying around.”

Armageddon’s Jester, Andrew S. Williams
I have no treats for you, heathen, only judgment!

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