Issue Fifteen, December 2010

The Carpenter, Aaron DiMunno
“Joey is old enough to know that something is wrong, but too young to have any idea what it is.”

You Can Take the Boy Out of Jersey, Isaac James Baker
“Leave Belmar? I couldn’t understand the notion. No one left Belmar. Especially not me.”

Gooseflesh, Jack Frey
“Two minutes is a long time underwater.”

Nimrod!, Cliff Young
“Of course now that there’s no electricity, light bulbs are useless,
and Ned Worthington can go fuck himself.”

Devil in the Details, Nicholas Rasche
“My name is Father Francis Blake, MBA, and I’m a Corporate Exorcist.”

One-Fourth, Walter Campbell
“Listen I’m going to kill this monster of a coworker because someone’s got to or he’ll keep ruining the lives of his employees until the end of the world, or at least until this failing sports drink company files for bankruptcy, and we’ll never get a chance to date.”

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